Fat Loss



Do you struggle to shed body fat EVEN though you eat nutritious food and exercise regularly??

Wondered why that is?

There is a strong possibility it could be inneficient breathing.

Here's the test: How do you breathe during daily activities and exercise? Can you complete your session breathing ONLY through your nose?

If you habitually breathe very heavily through your mouth and from your chest during training, or even at rest,  you stimulate your body to produce adrenaline. This 'fight or flight' response is inbuilt; an evolutionary advantage. It gets us quickly out of trouble or to fight for our lives.

However, this same stress accessed regularly through poor breathing also increases cortisol (chief stress hormone) levels, which in turn RESTRICTS fat and water loss. For obvious reasons, under stress, your body wants to keep some food and water for the 'emergency'. This is the opposite reaction you want. Ideally our bodies access fat stores to burn as energy.

I have recently worked with clients who have shed significant body fat using ONLY corrective breathing exercises and very minor dietary changes (see client pictures...).

Correcting your breathing may be the significant change you need!

Learn the Buteyko breathing method and enjoy many benefits to your health.

Weeks 1- 4

Week 8

CLIENT PROGRESS - 4 WEEKS (another example of how STRESS can make it very difficult to lose weight)


I would like to share the excellent progress of one of my client's. Gary came to me around one month ago, looking to lose weight, be healthier and feel better. After a health check by his GP, he found both his blood pressure and cholesterol were 'high'. Intuitively Gary felt that taking medication to resolve these problems was not the prefered option for him as it didn't look at the CAUSES, only managing his syptoms. Although he was clearly worried by these results. At our initial consultation, I described how we could work together to help him become healthier, lose body fat and feel better about himself. The initial plan looked liked this:


1. BREATHING NORMALISATION (2 WEEKS +, breathing exercises completed 3 times daily)
2. NUTRITION ANALYSIS (WEEKS 3+4 - only changes so far are sufficient hydration and protein/fat rich breakfast)
3. MOVEMENT DEVELOPMENT TRAINING (WEEK 3+, nervous system development through metabolic training and primal movements)


During session 1, I assessed Gary's breathing mechanics and body oxygen level; both needed big improvement. He was breathing mainly using his upper chest (especially during exercise) and mouth and his body oxygen test was only 9 seconds; a score more common to chronically sick individuals (Gary was a long-term smoker though stopped some years ago). It was evident that Gary was hyperventilating chronically. This stresses the body's sympathetic nervous system in a perpetual fight or flight state, releasing stess hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. Ultimately this over-use of the endocrine processes can lead to conditions such as adrenal fatigue. From a body composition perspective it meant that Gary was RETAINING FAT AND WATER in this stressed state. Hence my first port of call is ALWAYS to restore normal breathing mechanics and body oxygen levels which helps to alleviate systemic stress and gives clients the BEST POSSIBLE CHANCE OF SUCCESS -regardless of the protocol. You will notice in the initial photos some bloating around the stomach which has dramatically reduced in a short time, as Gary's body oxygen score increased above 30 seconds.


At this stage we have made minimal dietary changes. I have ensured sufficient hydration, increased salt intake (unrefined celtic salt) and introduced a protein and fat rich breakfast. However Gary has been keeping a food diary for future analysis.


Our movement training sessions last NO MORE than 40 MINUTES which includes warm-up and mobilisation before and restorative movements afterwards. A key point here is that ALL sessions are completed with proper breathing. No upper-chest gasping with an open mouth.

Gary has successfully and emphatically achieved our 4 week objective. He no longer takes the statins which his GP prescribed as his cholesterol is now within 'normal' parameters. His blood pressure has also reduced. His waist line has reduced by 5 inches and he has lost 17lbs of bodyweight!!! (from 14 st 10lbs on 4th June - 13 st 7lbs on 4th July).


Although still VERY early days in this transitional process, Gary is progressing extremely well. His results are testament to the drive, determination and enthusiasm he has shown since day 1. His unwavering dedication to EVERY single thing I have asked him to do has been exceptional. I wish I could bottle his motivation! I'm certain the 3 months progress pics will be even more impressive when we 'drill down' on his nutrition. To be continued...

Thanks to Gary for allowing me to profile him!

Week 1

Week 4