Sports Performance Enhancement










Sports performance has become highly regarded from early in the twentieth century. This has increased exponentially in recent years. For many people it becomes the equivalent of their full time job and career. The primary goal of every athlete is to achieve their absolute maximum potential. An important determinant of whether this will be possible is our breathing pattern.


Poor breathing patterns will:


  • Limit oxygen exchange

  • Reduce stamina and performance

  • Increase the production of lactic acid and subsequently leave the athlete with residual muscle soreness

  • Increase dehydration

  • Increase the occurrence of cramp

  • Greatly lengthen recovery time

  • Elevate the heart rate

  • Increase anxiety

  • Decrease concentration

  • Increase the likelihood of injury in training and competition

  • Decrease energy levels

  • Contribute to poor sleep patterns

  • Increase production of the chief stress hormone, cortisol, making fat loss much more difficult.


The aim of the Buteyko Institute Method program is to normalise the breathing pattern. When the body is working within its physiologically normal parameters it can work at increased levels of performance. Stamina and endurance are maximised and all of the above are reversed. People find that once they have corrected their breathing pattern with Buteyko, they can achieve better performance with fewer breaths. This means people have more in reserve and hence leads to increased and optimal performance.